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When Should You Book Your Wedding Officiant? 

So, you’re engaged! Yay! 

You probably know the venue and have already selected the photographer – you’ve got your main priorities covered! 

But then what? You’ve got a laundry list of vendors to contact, meet with, and choose, And all this hassle on top of working at your day job while juggling every other priority in life. 

And there are all these websites that give you conflicting, and often unrealistic, information about when to book your wedding vendors. 

Your wedding planner or coordinator is your best source for this information, but there’s one vendor (aka me) who has quite a particular timeline that varies on many factors. 

I used to be one of those wedding officiants who wanted couples to book me well in advance, but having been in this rodeo for over a decade now (yes, I’m getting old), I’ve learned that anything is possible if I’m available. 

Though, there are certain times of the year when I’ll receive a request for a popular weekend date and think, “How could they possibly assume I was available? Couples have been requesting this date for YEARS!” and remind myself that most weddings are the couple’s first wedding. They have no idea, and they shouldn’t know, when the proper time to book a wedding officiant is, especially if they were hoping to utilize a family or friend to officiate. 

Don’t worry! I’ve created this comprehensive, but not definite, fun form to assist you in booking your wedding officiant. Complete the form below to learn when you should book your wedding officiant! 


Now, this isn’t the exact timeline for every wedding officiant, but use this as an accurate resource from a real-life wedding officiant on when the best time is to book us!

If you’ve gone through this process and thought, “Wow, maybe I will just ask my friend to officiate…,” we can help your friend know exactly what a wedding officiant does. Take a peek at our wedding officiant coaching packages here to gift your friend some assistance for one of the most important days of your life.


Hopefully, you’re feeling a bit better now on the specifics of wedding rehearsals. The most important takeaway? Be sure to have fun during your rehearsal! 

For a bonus tip, make sure you have a clear plan for who is bringing the marriage license the day of your wedding!

Now, ready to get planning? Pop over here for some advice on planning a microwedding. 

Digging the info in this post? Have some of this pro knowledge in your wedding by booking us below!

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