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Want a ceremony everyone will remember? Contact us below! Packages start at $600 and include:


Unlimited meetings

We ask that all couples meet with us at least once in person so we can get to know you. Heck, once isn’t even enough! We typically meet with couples 2-4 times on average before their wedding. Meet us, message us, email us as much as you want before your wedding.

Vow Sessions +Guides

Liz will coordinate with each of you to schedule her specialty created and curated vow session. We also include our rehearsal guide to prep couples before their wedding, whether or not the rehearsal is chosen as part of the package.

100% Custom Ceremonies

We write deeply personal, intimate ceremonies that are sure to give you all the feelings during your wedding day and engage your guests. As writers at heart, we take the writing of your wedding very seriously but also love to bring our talent and background to your wedding!

If the form below doesn’t work for you (technology!), feel free to contact us at [email protected]. Our emails sometimes end up in spam. Please check your spam box if you don’t hear from us within 24 hours. 


“Everyone always says to spend the money on a good photographer and (ideally) on the food, but no one ever really said much about the officiant. We aren’t particularly religious, so weren’t sure how to pick an officiant. To be honest, we saw Liz Rae Weddings had good reviews and we liked the price, so we went with them. I kid you not–it was the best decision. The ceremony, although pretty short, set the tone for the rest of the day, and Liz was perfect. She got to know us over a few meetings for coffee, and then we all collaborated on the ceremony details. To this day, we still get people talking about how authentic our ceremony was, and how it was so great to have a good friend be able to be the officiant. No one could believe we didn’t know her before this process, because she managed to capture our personalities perfectly. We wanted some traditional aspects, but other unique ideas as well, and she incorporated them all into an absolutely idyllic ceremony. I will forever be grateful that we went with her, because it really was the perfect start to our wedding celebrations, and, as cheesy as it sounds, to our marriage. Give her a call. I promise you won’t be disappointed!”
Diane J

“A little background: I was not really excited to get married. Don’t get me wrong, I love my wife and was happy to make the commitment, I just hate being the center of attention and I’m not big on sentimental things. I like to joke that my wife is overflowing box of empathy and love, and I’m basically an emotionless automaton. Ok I’m exaggerating, but you get the idea. ANYWAYS, we found Liz when looking for non-denominational officiants. If I was going to have a wedding I wanted it to at least be modern, laid back, and fun. I had heard far too many bridezilla/groomzilla horror stories and wanted a chill wedding where everyone could relax and have a great time. From the start, Liz was super friendly and accessible. We met in person a few times and got to know one another over a few beers, and gave her an idea of what we were looking for. So far so good. One of my favorite things about the whole process was the collaborative aspect. Liz shared a link with us to a google doc early on where she would flesh out raw ideas and eventually write out our ceremony. This gave us a great opportunity to make suggestions and comments on the ideas as well as the actual writing of the ceremony. At first, we let Liz do her thing, but once the ceremony started really coming together the collaborative tools allowed us to feel like we were a part of the process. Liz also encouraged us to take part in the writing as much as we wanted, which let us put some really personal touches on some of the wordings and add some parts of our own as well. The ceremony went great. Honestly there is not much else to say other than she did an incredible job. I think the following basically sums it up: With the exception of our very best friends and family (who already knew about Liz), quite literally EVERYONE at the wedding thought Liz was an old friend of ours. They were completely shocked when we were like “Nope, we just found her online a couple months ago”. She captured the exact tone we wanted, and everyone we spoke to said “that ceremony was so you guys!”. Thanks Liz!”

Jonathan H