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All of our packages include our innovative, immersive ceremony writing process.

So, how do we make your moment,

your moment?

Spending quality time with you

You’ll get unlimited meetings in our Standard package so we can get to know you properly. Keeping our conversations casual like friends chatting, probably over dinner or a glass of wine.

Writing your story together

Our process is like no other, because you’re part of it throughout. We’ll write your ceremony 100% from scratch, meeting with you regularly to make changes until you’re totally happy.

Prepping you for the big day

You’ll get access to all the tools you need to help you prep for your big day. From our Vow Journal, to Vow Sessions, to our Rehearsal Guide. We’ll be there with you the whole way!

FREE exclusive

Journals, only with us.

Writing your own personal vows or a speech is such a great way to make your moment properly your moment. Yet it can be a little daunting to know where to begin.

That’s why we’ve partnered exclusively with I Just Want To Say Journals to give you their fantastic in-depth journal guides – for free! With selected packages.

Meet your Minneapolis Officiants

MARK (he/him)


A poet who started out filling notebooks during cross-country jaunts on innumerable Greyhound busses and also while working nights at a small donut shop during high school, Mark brings a unique perspective to every situation, every story that needs telling. Storytelling with unique insight and honest affection. A former radio announcer, and stage veteran of high school and community theatre, there is rarely a situation that Mark won’t embrace with gusto or that catches him off-guard. You’re in good hands with him at the helm of your wedding.

Looking for a different approach to your ceremony? The more off-beat, the better.  If you have a wedding idea that you’re holding back on because you’re not sure ‘if you can’ Mark is your guy.  Whether it is a groom singing with his in-moments-mother-in-law or a family-blending knot tying for five (one that you do not learn in scouts!) to reading (in Swedish) an email from a wedding couple’s Swedish Vallhund,

Mark is the guy you want to take your ‘not sure’ to ‘yeah, piece of cake.’

Mark looks forward to working with you and making your day everything you want it to be.

DAN (He/him)


While Dan may tell you he’s always been a Minnesotan, claiming “Minnesota Nice”, he moved to Minnesota in 2008 from a small town in South Dakota where he was raised. He’s proud to call Minnesota home, even when braving the bitter cold.

Outside of the Chicago Cubs, Dan’s true passion is people. His positive attitude, desire to help and persistence is his driving force. Although his goal at one time was to be a police officer, he’s found that his passion to help has led him in other directions focusing on more customer centric roles.

Dan was first asked to perform a friend’s wedding ceremony back in 2009. From this moment, he fell in love with celebrating the magic that happens on a couple’s special day. Since this time he has had the opportunity to celebrate with several couples and looks forward to many that are yet to come!

Sam (they/she)


Sam has lived several places in their adult life and seemingly found that feeling of home here, in Minneapolis. They went to school for theatre and love to read. She also loves technology, coffee and helping people. They share their home with their cats, Maybel, Opal and Frankie.

When she’s not performing ceremonies, she is likely at her day job helping people at a software company or hanging out in their hammock. They can’t wait to get to know you and help make your day memorable.

Victoria (She/her)


Like a fellow Minnesotan F. Scott Fitzgerald, Victoria loves “the inexhaustible variety of life”. Becoming ordained in 2018, after having worked on the catering side of weddings for so long, Victoria wanted nothing more than to continue to be part of peoples love stories.

Born and raised in the Twin Cities, her heart is and has always been in northern Minnesota, she attended the University of Minnesota Duluth, where she had to ski to class… more than once. Once she had her B.A. in French Studies and her B.B.A in Organizational Management, it was time to pass the skis on and come home to the cities.

When she isn’t writing ads or legal notices, Victoria loves to cook, play video games, garden, paint, and spend time with friends.

She can’t wait to meet you and help create the greatest day of your life!

You can read more about her and view her writing work here

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“We hired Mark as our officiant because we didn’t want an über religious wedding, and, well, our friends all know us a bit *too* well. Mark fit right in and we hit it off almost immediately! He got to know us over a couple of beers and was great at sending us drafts of what he was planning to say. Super cool dude and such a great company! I’ve recommended Liz Rae & Co to every engaged couple I encounter (even if they aren’t asking for advice lol)”


Ready to make your moment,

your moment?