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May 2020

I swear May flew right on by, which is surprising as most of us in the world are still in quarantine. Thankfully, lots of my time was filled with consuming as many pages as I could and working my way through the Oscar nominees list from the past few years. 


Happy and You Know It

Laura Hankin

I am not typically a fan of books about rich moms in Manhattan, but this book was one of the options from Book of the Month. To my surprise, I finished the book in about a day and a half easily. Loaded with all the drama (and more!) you’d expect from a high-class mom circle with newborns, pick up this book if you want a simple read alongside a glass of wine. (Because how else would you read a book?!)

Beautiful Ruins

Jess Walter

I am for anything Italy right now, and this book interweaves the lives of multiple people into one book. Told from various different perspectives, you’ll wind through the seasides of Italy and be flown back to Hollywood as the story of an illegitimate child unfolds. 

Start with Why

Simon Sinek

I went a little crazy and bought a ridiculous amount of used business books this month. Start With Why was one of them. Fantastic read. The book opens with reminding us of how businesses essentially manipulate consumers into becoming repeat purchasers when instead, businesses should be earning trust. If that doesn’t capture your attention, I’m not sure what will. 

Featured: Dead to Me

Probably not the most positive television show to share on a wedding website, but what the hell, it’s good. If you want to watch a show with excellently written characters and friendship goals, this is it. 


The Definition

Jon Bellion

An old album but a great album to re-listen to. This one has been on constant repeat on runs while I try to think up new lines for weddings. 

Juliet and Romeo

Martin Solveig

Heard this track on an Aaptiv workout and loved it. Anytime I’ve needed a pick-me-up in the middle of a long writing session, I’ll dance around to this song. 

Keep on Dancing

Oh Wonder

This song is so fun! If you need a joyous track to add to your playlist, throw this one on there and pretend you’re dancing somewhere outside of your home.

Film + TV

Dead to Me

My god, what a show. My sister and I finished both seasons of this within a week. If that doesn’t convince you to watch this, I don’t know what else will. 

Crazy Rich Asians

Gahhhh I love this movie so much. I rewatched this film a few weeks ago, and I love it just as much as I did the first time I saw it. 

The Talented Mr.Ripley

I’ve really been missing Italy during this time at home, and this film is (so far) one of the most beautifully filmed pieces of Italy. Highly, highly recommend if you need a getaway at home. 

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