Content Creation and Management for Vendors

You've got a business to run. Leave the writing for us.

1-1 Meetings

Liz will schedule a personal FaceTime/Skype/Google Hangout with you to discuss your wedding ceremony, critique the writing, and offer takeaway items to improve. 

Writing Resources

The writing is the most important part of the ceremony! As a published writer, Liz has a few tricks up her sleeve to help you write your best ceremony. 

Ceremony Prep + Guides

Before the call, Liz will provide you with a ceremony prep guide and items to remember for the ceremony. Additionally, she’ll look over any information you have about the couple and help craft personal ideas for the wedding.

100% Custom Ceremony Guidance

We’re known for writing deeply personal, intimate ceremonies that are sure to give all the feelings during the wedding day and engage guests. Want this feeling for your wedding, too? Choose the package with the coaching calls to get all those feels!

Coaching Packages

Whether you’re officiating a wedding once or looking to do it as a career, we’ve got support for you.


“Liz perfectly captured our personalities and love for one another during our ceremony. She really took the time to get to know us and was a breeze to work with and offered to help out any way that she could. Our ceremony was so special and better than I ever imagined. I’d like to relive that part of the day over and over. Best decision was to work with Liz!!! :)”


“I was introduced to Liz through a friend as I was asked to officiate my cousin’s wedding and wanted to get some expert advice. Liz was so easy to talk to and her passion for officiating weddings was immediately apparent. We chatted for 30 mins and she gave me insight and information which will be super helpful as I plan the ceremony. Thank you, Liz!!”

Steven -- PopSugar